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Online & offline resources to keep your child’s mind active & learning while school is closed!

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This is a crazy time! Like nothing, most of us have ever seen. Because of covid-19 schools have closed “until further notice” some are saying it could be for the remainder of the year! It’s mid-March now – that’s a long time if it does come to that.

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In my house, we are taking the proper recommended precautions but we’re not panicking. My husband and I are health care workers so while we are respectful and listen to what’s recommended we’re not going into panic mode. All we can do is take it as it comes.

Now, with our boy being out of school, I don’t want him to fall behind and I don’t want him to sit around all day playing video games or watching T.V! I’ve done some research and found quite a few online resources to help kids continue to learn and that’s what I’m going to share.

These are some links to some great online learning tools for kids. I’ve signed on to all of these and I feel they are really good.

Math ~

Reading ~

Science ~

Writing ~

Social Studies ~

Here are a few other resources.

I haven’t had a chance to check all of these out yet though.

I can’t take credit for this. It has a lot of good sites to use!

There are lots of other options that don’t require a computer. While for the most part we are told social isolation, I feel we can still get out in nature! Nothing like the great outdoors!

  • Hikes can be an excellent learning opportunity. Learning plant life, wildlife, finding rocks and various leaves for crafts.
  • You could take this opportunity to teach your child age-appropriate kitchen skills.
  • There are plenty of workbooks for various subjects that can be purchased, even at the dollar store. There are also free printables online.
  • You can learn a new craft. Crafts can be excellent for learning fine motor skills! Things like salt dough, mosaics (use beads, seeds, lentils, rocks, etc) coloring, rock painting, the list can go on!
  • Depending on age, they could learn new life skills – budgeting, grocery shopping, how to check the oil in your car, etc
  • Putting things together is a good way to keep the mind going – puzzles, model cars.
  • Using lego can be great for learning. It can be good for fine motor skills, learning math and fractions, following directions.

~Some awesome ideas available on Amazon~

It’s not going to be easy, whether this lasts a month or 6 months but I hope this list can make some mom or dad’s life a little easier. I know I’m one of the lucky ones because I’m currently off on parental leave so I don’t have to worry about child care for now. My heart goes out to those who will struggle with this or with being out of work due to closures!

Stay well! xoxo

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